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Company Overview

Established in 2004 by veteran realtor Mr. Calvin Liew with a vision of providing a higher quality of life to its clients and communities, Ding Feng Group Sdn Bhd has since quickly moved up the ladder of property and real estate industry, which can be attributed to its dedicated and versatile industry experts and its broad range of real estate services, including but not limited to property purchase and sale, property and asset valuation, as well as property and asset management.

The core values of Ding Feng Group Sdn Bhd, namely creativity, quality and excellence, are deeply rooted in each and every one of its employees, and it is through these core values that Ding Feng Group Sdn Bhd aspires to offer and deliver first-class service to their clients. Moreover, Ding Feng Group Sdn Bhd places a strong emphasis on professionalism and ethics, hence it constantly ensures that its professional representatives obtain the highest order of training, skills and customer service knowledge, and uphold integrity as well as accountability.

In addition, Ding Feng Group Sdn Bhd believes that togetherness and strong relationships among its employees are the very backbone of its core beliefs.

Currently, it boasts a huge yet close-knit multiracial workforce of 1,250 full-time and 3,000 part-time agents, where all of them are in constant pursuit of excellence in giving an honest and truly-exclusive level of service.

An epitome of excellence, Ding Feng Group Sdn Bhd has to date passionately and successfully facilitated more than 70 projects in Klang Valley and other parts of Malaysia through its unwavering commitment to deliver to its clients. Ding Feng Group Sdn Bhd’s results speak for themselves, and the level of repeat and referral business it receives is a true testament to the dedication it shows to its clients.

Our vision is simply to provide a higher quality of life to our clients and communities, by offering superior, value-added professional services.

Our mission is to constantly develop new ways to provide our clients with highly valuable products and services to suit their needs, while reaching for the pinnacle of quality with a culture of undying excellence, in line with our core values.


The core culture of Ding Feng Group Sdn Bhd has been put together through the clear vision of its leaders over the years. An endless pursuit of creativity, quality, and a foundation of excellence has paved the way for the company to rise above the competition. Making it a force that has resulted in the reality of being a leading figure that offers our clients a first-class services and a product that will always better the value given to our valued customers.

Our employees are the heartbeat of our company. The practice of passing on our true values and philosophy to our employees, in turn influences every relationship with our clients and their communities. This is part of our culture that will always stay with us.

We are no doubt inspired to build a greater future and to be there in every way we can for all of the wonderful communities that we serve.

Calvin Liew


Calvin Liew is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ding Feng Group Sdn Bhd, and its creative force.

A self-made entrepreneurial success story, Calvin’s career began with his start as a junior real estate agent, fresh out of school. He immediately gained the understanding of the kind of values he could give to his clients, and that has motivated him to be brave the prospects of staring out on his own in 2002. As his success as a realtor became evident. Calvin founded Ding Feng Group Sdn Bhd in 2004.

A decade has shown how much the company has grown and become one of the most heralded and well-respected companies in the highly competitive landscape of the real estate industry. In years, it has have accumulated a wealth of accolades, including being acknowledged as one of the Malaysia’s “Fast Moving Companies” according to the prestigious SME 100 Award 2013.

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